Gresen Selector Valve

Selector ValveThe Model S, Two position, Selector Valves offer a simple method of directing the flow of hydraulic oil to two separate hydraulic lines. The addition of these Selector Valves to the hydraulic circuit will permit operation of two single-acting cylinders with one three-way control valve. In some applications, two double-acting cylinders may be operated with one four-way control valve.
The hydraulic circuit which is to be operated should be selected before pressure is applied.
Valve spool is of the open crossover type. As Spool is moved and one outlet port starts to close, the other outlet port starts to open.


Three Sizes

  • 15 GPM [56 litres/min]
  • 24 GPM [90 litres/min]
  • 40 GPM [151 litres/min]


  • Pressure Balanced Spool
  • Easy to Mount
  • Chrome Plated Spool
  • High-Tensile Cast Iron Body



Specifications .
S-8 S-12 S-16 .
Capacity (nominal) 15 GPM 24 GPM 40 GPM .
[56 litres/min] [90 litres/min] [151 litres/min] .
. . . . .
Max. Operating Pressure 3000 PSI 3000 PSI 3000 PSI .
[207 bar] [207 bar] [207 bar] .