Foundation Drilling Rigs

Winches for Lodril, Kelly Bar, and Foundation telescopic drilling rigs are used for 2 applications

The main winch manipulates the main telescopic Kelly and auger.

The main winch is attached to the auger and hoists the dirt filled auger to the surface.

The auger is attached to telescopic square tubes which enable the auger to reach much deeper than just one tube and auger.

After the auger has spun the dirt off then the auger is lowered back down the hole to auger up another load.

Usually the lowering is with a high speed reverse type winch to get the auger to the bottom much faster.

The 2nd smaller winch (auxiliary winch) is used for misc. pulling items around the drilling area.

Different size rigs will have different size main and auxiliary winches.

Main winches range from 8,000 lbs. pull to 30,000 lbs.

Auxiliary winches range from 2,000 lbs. pull to 12,000 lbs. pull