Pullmaster Rapid Reverse Hydraulic Winches

Available in the H and HL series, this category provides reversing speeds approximately 4½ times as fast as forwarding speed. Excellent for a variety of uses including fishing, dredging, and marine applications.

model-h8-thumb Model H8 Rapid Reverse 8,500 lbs/3,856 kg
model-h12-thumb Model H12 Rapid Reverse 12,000 lbs/5,443 kg
model-h18-thumb Model H18 Rapid Reverse 18,000 lbs/8,165 kg
model-h25-thumb Model H25 Rapid Reverse 25,000 lbs/11,340 kg
model-hl25-thumb Model HL25 Rapid Reverse 25,000 lbs/11,340 kg
model-h30-thumb Model H30 Rapid Reverse 25,000 lbs/11,340 kg
model-h50-thumb Model H50 Rapid Reverse 50,000 lbs/22,680 kg
model-h75-thumb Model H75 Rapid Reverse 73,893 lbs/33,517 kg