Barge Positioning Winches

Barge Positioning Winch

First of all barge positioning winches are used to position a barge up to the dock. Furthermore, the positioning happens by pulling cable with the winches on one side of the barge and letting out cable from the winches on the other side of the barge. The cables would be anchored on the bottom of the body of water they are on, also a dock, and out several hundred feet from the barge on each side. As a result, they pull in the cable, that would cause the barge to move that direction at a very controlled speed.

Most barges are significantly smaller than those more familiar ships we can see from afar. Consequently, barges are relatively small, yet they are sufficiently large enough to be subject to the motion of the wind and water currents to pose a considerable danger to load the way other ships are loaded. So the size of barges and their susceptibility to wind and current cause the barge positioning winches to work much harder.

For the largest jobs, hydraulic barge positioning winches are ideal. They are the most powerful winches available. Operators have the option to control these systems from a remote control station for substantially improved safety.

Types of Winches

There are two types of hydraulic winches sold by Ryan Hydraulic Service Inc; Planetary Reduction and Worm Reduction. Many barge services prefer the planetary reduction winch for its impressive mechanical efficiency and the ability for much higher line speeds. Others appreciate the cost savings associated with worm reduction models.

40 years of experience building, servicing, selling, and installing hydraulic barge positioning winch systems. The professionals at Ryan Hydraulic Service Inc. are authorities in the industry. This team has been serving customers in marine hauling since 1973.

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