Foundation Drilling Winches

Foundation Drilling Rigs

Hydraulic winches are powered by The drill rigs’ main hydraulic systems and can carry very heavy loads easily. They are durable and there are winches for many applications, including foundation drilling winches. Each winch is used for a unique application to perform specific tasks. With this in mind, it is a good idea to let the experts at Ryan Hydraulic help you find the best winch.

Foundation drilling winches are strong and durable multi-purpose winches that can be used in several applications such as foundation pile hole, retaining wall drilling, and pre-boring for piles. It has a super high torque rotator for heavy drilling applications like large diameter DTH hammer drilling, simultaneous casing, deep hole, augering, and reverse circulation drilling. It also helps in fast engagement to different drilling positions. The hydraulic swing-out control station, and the swing jib device help the operator to have clear visibility and proper handling of the drilling tools. There are several characteristics of foundation drilling winches that you should be familiar with:

Automatic fail safe brake – spring applied pressure released, if there is a loss of power in the hydraulic system the winch brake will automatically be set by the springs.

  • Foundation drill winches are generally used to operate the Kelley
  • Choice of equal speed in both directions, or high speed reverse (lowering).
  • The swing jib winch helps in simple tool handling

Foundation drilling winches are robust, long-lasting, and require less maintenance. You can replace the worn out parts to ensure optimal performance. Consult a hydraulic solution provider from Ryan Hydraulics to help find your ideal foundation winch. Whatever may be your drilling winches need, our experts will provide an effective solution that will exceed your expectations.