SDV40 Directional Control Valve: Max Flow 40GPM

SDV40 Directional Control Valve

SDV40 directional control valve is an aftermarket version of the DVA/DVG 20 control valve. First of all these valves provide reliable control of fluid power for a variety of uses. The SDV model valves are made from compacted graphite and a high strength iron alloy. As a result, these valves are rated at 3500 PSI.

SDV40 Directional Control Valve Max Flow 40GPM


  • Either open center or closed center hydraulic circuit.
  • Override adjustment option available
  • Load checks for all work ports.
  • Work port anti-cavitation checks.
  • Work port relief valves.
  • Work port restrictors.


  • Max Flow……………….40 GPM [151 l/min]
  • Pressure Rating……….3500 PSI [242 bar]

Work Sections

Application Spool Selection

  • Cylinder type spool – a and b work ports are blocked in the neutral position.
  • Motor type spool – a and b work ports are open to the tank passage in the neutral position.
  • Single acting cylinder spool – a port is blocked in neutral and there is no b port.

Spool Position Control

  • 3 position spring return to neutral position.
  • Detent in 3 positions
  • Rotary friction detent variable from A position through B position.
  • Spool Actuators

    • Manual lever metering.
    • Rotary lever metering.
    • Hydraulic pressure actuation.
      • -On or -off
      • Proportional pressure metering.
      • Solenoid controlled/pressure actuated.
    • Air pressure actuation
      • -On or -off
      • Proportional pressure metering.
      • Solenoid controlled/pressure actuated.
  • Outlet section

    • Standard – oil flow directed to the tank when spools are in the neutral and the A or B position.
    • Power beyond – oil flow is directed to power beyond port when all spools are in the neutral position and return oil flow is directed to the tank port when the spools are in the A or B position

The SDV40 directional control valve comes with several standard features. These features contribute to its outstanding performance. Symmetrical timing makes changing over from left-to-right hand operation simple. The only thing needed to do is remove the spool and re-insert it in the opposite direction. Furthermore, spool seals are fitted in counterbores allowing for easier maintenance and smoother spool operation. These features combined with the extensive range of available spool options, make these valves among the most versatile on the market.


The SDV40 valves have a built-in full flow relief valves. They also have parallel and series circuits in one bank. The SDV40 valves can be controlled through manual, hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic operation. They also have sectional construction giving them maximum flexibility in their use. The ability to change the spool around allows for right and left-hand valve assembly. Finally, they have low spool effort, hence improved metering.