Lantec Planetary Hydraulic Winches

LANTEC manufactures hydraulic winches, hoists, brakes/clutches, and gear reducers, serving the oil and gas, infrastructure and marine markets. Custom solutions are available. Contact us with your specifications.

Twelve models with line pull from 15,000 to over 72,000 lbs assure you there’s an LH Hoist for your crane application. High-efficiency gearing and high-capacity sprag clutches offer the highest reliability for your demanding job.

Lantec LH Series Hoists Catalog

Extremely versatile winches, the LW Series is available in 20 sizes with line pulls from 12,000 to 300,000 lbs. Virtually any drum size can be provided to suit your specific application.

Lantec LW Series Hoists Catalog

Standard brake solutions for high torque, low speed hydraulic motors with holding torque capacities up to 30,000 lb-ft. Custom brakes and clutches are available designed to meet your individual requirement.

LH Series Hoist Drum Brake
Model 100MDB
Model 200MDB