Pullmaster Planetary Hydraulic Winches

Pullmaster produces planetary winches for commercial fishing boats, caisson drilling equipment, pipe layers, tractor/skidders and dredges.

Pullmaster Equal Speed Hydraulic Winches

With twelve basic models providing line pull capacities from 1,100 to 80,000 lb., the PL and M series products are ideal for a wide range of applications or special operations.

Pullmaster Free Fall Planetary Hydraulic Winches

Pullmaster offers several models equipped with emergency freefall, controlled freefall and a combination emergency/controlled freefall function.

Pullmaster Rapid Reverse Planetary Hydraulic Winch

Available in the H and HL series, this category provides reversing speeds approximately¬†4¬Ĺ times as fast as forward speed. Excellent for a variety of uses including fishing, dredging and marine applications.

Pullmaster Recovery Planetary Hydraulic Winches

Delivered standard with the free spool feature, R series winches are perfect for mobile pulling operations.