Tuna Boat Deck Winches

Tuna boat winches are used to manipulate several items on the deck.

The Topping winch is used to raise and lower the main boom.

The Vang winches are used to move the main boom from side to side.

The Double winch is use to hoist the skiff boat from the water onto the back of the Tuna boat for storage.

The Choker winch is used to pull the net closer to the side of the tuna boat as the net tends to angle out and away from the side of the Tuna boat. Pulling the net closer is necessary so the net can be pulled over theĀ  power block and down to the deck for storage.

Speed boat davit winches are used to lower the speed boats into the water and later to hoist them back onto the Tuna boat.

Inhaul winch is used to pull the power block up against the main boom for storage position.