Double Selector Valve

Double Selector Valve

Double Selector Valve directs the flow of hydraulic oil to two separate circuits. This permits operation of two double-acting cylinders with one four-way control valve or four single-acting cylinders with two three-way control valves. The hydraulic circuit which is to be operated should be selected before the pressure is applied. The valve spool is of the open crossover type. As the spool is moved and one set of outlet ports start to close, the other set of outlet ports start to open.

Hydraulic double selector valves direct the flow of a liquid medium through the system. Most noteworthy Hydraulic Double Selector Valves have a six-way, two-position valve with four different operators. First of all pilot and electric operator. Also manual knobs and the manual lever. The hydraulic double selector valve diverts the flow of two separate hydraulic circuits. Regular selector spools allow you to work two reversible motors or two double action cylinders with a single 4-way directional control valve. It also assists in the working of four single action cylinders with one 4-way directional control valve. An optional series/parallel spool is also available. This spool will run two reversible hydraulic motors in series when the spool is out and in parallel when the spool is pushed in. This valve enables you to easily utilize two hydraulic functions in a single set of hydraulic outlets.

  • Precision ground, heat treated spools provide longevity to the valve.
  • Selector spools are used to provide smooth system flow in two separate hydraulic circuits.
  • Diamond honed spool bore gives a precision spool fit with low leakage.
  • Oil grooves on the spool, consequently provide smooth spool motion in an electric valve.

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  • Pressure Balanced Spool
  • Chrome Plated Spool
  • High-Tensile Cast Iron Body
  • Three Handle Position Options


Capacity (nominal)

  • 25 GPM [94 litres/min]

Max. Operating Pressure

  • Model DS-75…………………………………………..2000 PSI [138 bar]
  • Model DS-12…………………………………………..3000 PSI [207 bar]