Lock Valve

Lock Valve

Lock Valve is designed to lock a cylinder or part of the circuit. While the control valve is in neutral the lock valve prevents pressure leakage in the system. Furthermore, they function as check valves by allowing flow to the cylinder, while blocking flow from moving in the other direction. Most of all these valves are used as safety devices in applications where fluid leakage will affect the performance of the system adversely. Since they prevent movement of a load while the pressure source is inactive if the control valve is accidentally operated the system will remain inactive. Therefore they are used in systems such as hydraulic clamps, outriggers, and work platforms the pressure loss is not wanted.


  • Hardened Ball Check Seats
  • Ball/Spring Checks
  • High-Tensile Cast Iron Body


  • Capacity (nominal)……………25 GPM [94 litres/min]
  • Max operating pressure……3000 PSI [207 bar]