Pullmaster M75 Equal Speed Hydraulic Winch

Pullmaster Model M75 Equal Speed Hydraulic Winch

Product Specifications

Pulling Capacity: 74,964 lbs/34,003 kg
Weight: 3,400 lbs/1,542 kg

Product Information

Product Features

  • Optional Hydraulic Motors>
  • Stainless Steel Drum Seal Surfaces
  • Internal spring applied, hydraulically released brake with a unidirectional sprag clutch
  • Unidirectional sprag clutch
  • Planetary gear train with anti-friction bearings used throughout winch assembly

Product Benefits

  • Optimizes winch performance to the hydraulic system
  • Promotes extended seal life
  • Provides both static and dynamic braking functions; no counter-balance valve required
  • Sprag clutch will not permit the load to be lowered unless the brake is hydraulically released
  • Increased winch efficiency

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