Pullmaster Service Manuals

Pullmaster planetary winches are supported by TWG, a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of quality winch, equipment and other load information systems and they are headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pullmaster Winch Corporation is a manufacturer of planetary hydraulic winches, designed for numerous purposes including commercial fishing, dredging, heavy construction, logging, mining, drilling, and marine construction industries. All the hydraulic products are designed using the to class materials, top-notch craftsmanship, and superior engineering. You can read the Pullmaster service manuals to know more about the company and its components.

Pullmaster implements computer technology, integrated manufacturing and computerized production along with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System to make their planetary products. The company has a team of skilled engineers, global distributors, and proficient service technicians that can deliver reliable, durable, and high performance operation winches to the customers. Go through their Pullmaster winch service manuals to choose a suitable winch depending upon the requirements of your application. Some of the Pullmaster winches that a customer can purchase include:

Here are just a few types of winches in which we provide service manuals

Equal Speed – This planetary winch provides maximum torque in both the directions of rotation and gives maximum control over the load to the operators. It is the perfect choice for applications that require fine lifting and lowering, and load suspension. Equal speed winches have the pulling capacities between 1,100 to 85,000 lbs. It has optional hydraulic motors and static as well as dynamic integral brake.  Click here to find the manual for your Equal Speed winch.

Rapid Reverse – This winch has 4.5 times faster reverse speeds than forward ones. It creates better productivity and less resistance for lighter loads or swing functions. Rapid reserve is best for numerous applications including dredging, fishing, and marine applications. It has pulling capacities from 3,800 to 85,000 lbs. (16.9 to 374.0 kN) Click here to find the manual for your Rapid Reverse winch.

Free fall winches – It enables the users to lift and lower loads at controlled speeds. It has pulling capacities from 2,000 to 50,000 lbs and has optional hydraulic motors. Pullmaster free fall is available in emergency free fall, controlled free fall or combination of both the free fall. As the name suggests, emergency free fall enables the operators to release the full load at a high velocity whereas controlled free fall allows the load to be brought to a smooth stop at any point on the way down. The combination of emergency and controlled free fall provides both free fall options. Click here to find the manual for your Free Fall winch.

Pullmaster Recovery winch – It is the perfect option for pulling and recovering heavy vehicles and other equipment. It has pulling capacities from 11,021 to 15,492 lbs. It comes with hydraulic or manual free spool feature standard. Click here to find the manual for your Recovery winch.

High-performance, high-efficiency planetary winch – It offers equal speed in both directions and is best for hoisting and lowering applications. It has hydraulic gear motor and automatic multi-disc brake.

These are just a simple description of some types of winches provided by Pullmaster. Give us a call today and we will help you find the best winch you’re your needs.